Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BOB: Identities

So we come to the end of the Identity unit, therefore we must all bob before the test which I believe will be on Friday..!

Overall I believe this unit was easy compared to the previous unit. However, I still think it's not THAT easy because of all of the algebra we have to do. Like any other unit, there are parts where I think are easier than others. In the beginning of the unit, I thought that this unit would be fairly easy because the questions were pretty much straight forward. As we moved forward into the unit it became a bit confusing starting with the sum and difference identities. I still have a bit of trouble because I always have to take a minute to recall the different equations to use. In today's class we learned the final part of the unit, double angle identities which I found pretty straight foward.
I think my biggest problems I have to fix will be not trying to skip any steps because once I start doing that, I end up messing up the whole problem. I also need to look over my work to check if my algebra is correct as well as finding patterns quicker because I tend to waste time trying to figure out certain things.
With that said, I hope everyone does well on the test and don't forget the sine dance! LoL Goodluck everyone! Bye!

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