Thursday, March 13, 2008

BOBbing for.... knowledge

Hello, this is Paul, posting his Blogging on Blogging post.

For this unit, Transformations, we covered a wide variety of topics that relate to graphing. Most of these were pretty simple, like DABC and flips, shifts and stretches. However, for me atleast, I find the questions involving inverses to be confusing most of the time despite how the answer is fairly simple. Also, Im still not really getting how to graph the 1/f(x) questions, although I understand what is being said I can't seem to apply it myself. The question we did in place of the test also helped me alot in understanding how to solve "asin[b(x-c)]+d" questions, which I did not fully know how to solve before. Now I can solve one with a calculator and some paper, yay. Thanks Mr.K.

So in summary, difficult things are:

Graphing 1/f(x) functions. I think my problem here is that Im still looking at the graph as points and then trying to apply the "1/f(x)" (which was our approach for graphing "asin[b(x-c)]+d"), which means I end up with points but not a proper graph. I should definitely review the scribe post for that class before the test.

Inverses are just a little confusing, but I do understand what they do and mean. Probably the hardest part for me is graphing one because Im not totally sure about how to, but a look over that scribe post will probably help.

Other than that I think I understand this unit, or I understand well enough to pass this test (hopefully).

I also would like to apologize to Lawrence and Nelsa that I did not post our group's solution in time. I unfortunately did not anticipate that my alarm clock would not wake me up. Due to my alarm clock being off, I did not wake up until nearly 3pm. Much thanks to Lawrence for posting our solution.

So good luck guys, and don't forget to bring delicious pie!

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