Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BOB on Transformations, Function in Disguise

Yet again, bobbing, for the next test that is coming. Wow.

Transformations. I understand the whole graphing sine & cosine, so the whole graphing functions wasn't so hard, until it came to more complicated things like 1 / f(x). A key step to remember when graphing the new function is STRETCHES before TRANSLATIONS. ALSO remember to put f(x) = or y = otherwise it will be treated as an expression and will be marked WRONG. And then you'll fail. Well you won't fail but you'll lose a whole mark. So that was pretty good to remember. The whole DABC thing, I believe I got in the bag. So I'm feeling pretty good. I should study anyway though.

Piece wise functions got me in a bind for a bit. I don't completely understand them yet, but I'll look back at them and stare at them for a good few hours and maybe I'll figure something out. The 1/sine stuff I understand now after finding the patterns because well I mean, like Mr.K says, Math is the science of patterns. Therefore, is math a science... or is math.. Math? Anyways, the Sunrise problem was quite an eye opener, but after Mr. K gave us a push-start, I started to see everything fall into place with the exception of missing little things like adding the -10 to the total, which would mess up out marks so, that's something to look out for.

Overall, this unit was pretty good with the few exceptions of a few things that threw me off course but one we stare at it for a bit, we tend to find our way again, right guys?!

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