Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jamie's BOB #2 on Transformations

It's PBnJamie, new quirky nickname and I'm back for BOBbing. Or should I say, "Roberting?"

I'd have to say, that transformations is a challenging unit that I should really take more time studying on. I'm not sure if that last sentence made sense, but I'm not quite savvy with using my backspace button, that's why the button is still so crisp and fresh.

I'm doing fine I'd say. As long as you remember STRETCHES before TRANSLATIONS I think we'll be fine. Now I just have to remember which ones are which now. I am kind of slow, but it's in my notes. I'm figuring it out right now as we speak.

So another test is coming soon, but I still am curious about what I got from the first one. It was probably bad because I now realize the mistakes I made. I wrote expressions, not functions. Argh.

But the thing I was having trouble with were the inverse functions and graphing them. It was because of the asymptotes. I haven't quite honed the gift of graphing these functions quickly, but I always use a table of values, which is a long way to get the specific co-ordinates. It's long, but at least I get the answer. But otherwise, I think I'm good to go like Taco Bell. BTW..COUNTDOWN 6 DAYS til pi day!! [and I have the cheese for the cheesecake. I hope you guys finish it. It better not be like history class where no one ate the food and I had to throw it out. Much appreaciated costs for ingredients, man! But I'm sure everyone likes cheesecake.]

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