Monday, March 10, 2008

Transformations and BOB.

Francis here with a BOB on transformations. The test is up and coming and I have a feeling it's going to hit full tilt! But I'm not stressing, I'm cool, I'm cool. Just relax, take notes.

I found our unit on transformations quite easy and straight forward, because it's pretty much like a step ladder, take one step at a time and you'll be at the top safe and sound! I just remember to plot STRETCHES before TRANSLATIONS for those tough equations that include just about every type of movement. CONTORTIONIST EQUATIONS! Yeah, I made that up, but it kind of makes sense. Since these graphs seem to stretch and twist and turn and move all about. It's quite scary but I think I got it down.

I still have quite a bit of trouble on reciprocal equations, because it takes a lot of little steps to complete it. First you have to plot the original equation, as a guideline, then include asymptotes and then points that don't change on the reciprocal function and the original function. Finally figure out whether or not your lines are biggering, smallering, biggering negatively or smallering negatively. Probably missed a couple steps, but I guess that's why I'm having trouble on these things!

Well, that's my piece on transformations. Until next time.

Over and out? Under and out? Whatever

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