Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BOB on Transformations!

This is my first BOB before the test.

I found this unit particularly easy, that's ONLY if you were paying attention and reading your notes every night, like what Mr. K had explained you to do. Anyway. I was gone for a class, and every class of Mr. K's class missed hurts. You'll see if you were in my shoes. Especially if the lesson was long and essential. So I had some trouble on translations.

.. The .. y = a f(b(x-c)) + d
And I was going "whuuuAAtt?" Or in double-click-other-words .. "What?!"

So I did my homework and went on the blog and caught up, or at least I believe I did.

I found transformations fair. I mean if you listen you should catch on quickly. Maybe a little more or less thinking here and there. The word problems aren't much of a biggie either. I'm confident of knowing my stuff. But not too confident in solving questions. Especially how there are many twists and turns of the question.

Oh right, and in the world problems. What I didn't like or did not understand was finding the time or day for a sunrise or certain time. It just got too confusing. Thanks.

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