Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My BOB for Transformations

Ahhh yes our second unit... TRANSFORMATIONS. I know what you are thinking: Transformers, sorry but nope....
This is so much better than those silly robots. Unlike the Transformers who are only limited to a few or several forms (Optimus Prime always has the most), you can take a function and transform it in an infinite amount of ways by changing the values of the parameters: A,B,C and D. Anyways... I do not really have any beef for transformations, in fact I sorta enjoyed it. Looking at graphs in four different ways: numerically, graphically, visually and symbolically, my favourite being numerically since that is way I usually think. Carrying on, as I said before, this unit was not really that complex. A few bumps down the road such as reciprocal functions. Biggering...? Smallering...? What happened to the good old terms like increasing and decreasing... That kinda threw me off. Guess I should of read more Dr. Seuss back in my childhood. At first, I did not really get it, but now I do. After those examples we did today, it all became clear. Find the roots, variant points and graph away! Piecewise functions wasn't really a snag but I still don't know what an open circle means... Well that brings my BOB to a close. Can't wait until pi day, the anticipation is boiling within me.
Until next time, LATER

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