Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BOB for identities

Identities! First I would like to say that I missed 2 classes in this unit. Why? NO CLUE. But it's not good! Every class is needed for me, and makes things more difficult and tuning into it is hard. Thank you.
What I think about this unit is that it's simple and easy as long as you UNDERSTAND IT. Which is what Mr. K has done. Explained each formula. It takes some thinking, but the steps are similar is how I see it. I'm still unsure of some of the things, like when you know what Cosa and SinB I forget how to find CosB and Sina. But I'm actually BOB'ing before I'm doing my exercises so It may be to early to dicuss what I'm having difficulty on. It wouldn't hurt to have one more workshop. This unit was very fun.

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