Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Identities and BOB

The unit was fairly short, and at first it seemed quite easy. Later on is a different story unfortunately. I was pretty much confused when all these other equations came into the picture. The sine dance was pretty cool, it helped to clear up some of my confusion, but nonetheless identities was quite tough. It's pretty much hit and miss for me. If i have a good day, the anwser will just pop out of my head, first time around. Other days are just random though. I have to try one side, than the other, then try multiple times for each side. The answer just doesn't come to me. As I watch Mr. Kuropatwa write the answer on the board, in like..30 seconds. My brain does a double backflip and I realize how easy it actually was. That is why this unit is pretty much hit and miss for me. Double angle identities are still killing me though. the tangent equations are also slightly blurry, but I just hope it all comes into my head for the test! Good luck everyone!

Leaning with Wiggles! I'm out!

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