Monday, March 10, 2008

BOB Loves Transform(ers)ations!

Well I'm back, this time for the periodic posting of the BOB's (who is that guy anyways?)

SO, transformations. For the most part I found this unit fairly straightforward and easy, mostly due to the fact that I remembered a lot of the steps to solving functions that had been transformed from last year. I thought many of the methods Mr. K taught worked well, and were thus, effective.

One of the things I did have a bit of a problem with initially was dealing with with graphing reciprocal graphs but I figured a lot of it out when I had to do the scribe post for that specific lesson :P

The only thing I'm actually still trying to get a better grasp of is, solving algebraically, inverse functions (eg. given f(x) = x+9 what is the arc f(x)?) I haven't quite got the whole process involved in changing a function to its inverse in an algebraic form. Graphically I don't have any issues but when its just the equation involved I need some help (so if anyone has any tips they use that they could tell me that'd be great :D)

Well I think that about sums it up. Transformations seemed to be kinda a down shift for me, from our previous unit, which I struggled with grasping in the beginning. I'm doing well now that I've finally gotten used to having math again, and am feeling pretty confident going into the pre-test tomorrow :)

Anyways I've got English homework now, so I'm off!

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