Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hello everyone, it's Roxanne blogging for Friday's class, March 14, aka PI DAY! Anyways.. I know it's pretty late but might as well complete my scribe now before I forget during the weekend.

In the morning we started off by celebrating Pi Day! WOOHOO! We had some pie, listened to the Pi song by Kate Bush, and also answered some trivia questions. While eating some pie, we began our new unit on Identities. What we must remember is that, there are many ways to express and equation. They may look very different but by algebraically massaging the equation, you can get the same value of the original equation but it will look much different. The basic building blocks of all trigonometric functions are sine and cosince functions. In order to become very good at simplifying these equations, you need a lot of practice. Therefore, we will be practicing on figuring out how to complete these equations in future classes.

On the second slide, it shows the same face but different hair styles. However, it is still the same person but different hair.
On the 4th, 5th, and 6th slide we worked on various questions to find out each solution. And remember to keep your answer simple by simplifying.

In the afternoon class, we had some more PIE (: yay! But we also wrote our test for the unit Transformations. Truth be told I found a few questions confusing but hopefully everyone else did very well! Other than that, I believe I've completed the first scribe for the unit on Trigonometric Identities. Next scribe well be.........Joseph! (:

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