Sunday, March 9, 2008


So, the test is on Wednesday, along with a pretest on Tuesday so I guess its time to BOB! I thought that this unit was pretty short. It went by faster than I had anticipated. As for the actual unit, I thought it was easier than Circular Functions.

The first part, which was Translations, was a good start for the unit. I found it pretty simple, although I failed to get that certain piece wise thing wrong since I was unconsciously thinking that 3x3 was 6 >_<. Anyways, the hardest thing for this part of the unit was basically the piece wise things! But even those aren't so bad. Plus, BCAD or ADBC was a nice way to help me remember what to do first when translating graphs and the like. Now, one of the things that I found to be difficult were those inverse functions and how to graph them and such. Maybe part of the reason was because I had forgotten how to solve for y. Yes, I know, simple stuff but, I admit, I forgot. But! That's no problem now that I actually remember! As for the graphing itself, I got confused with all those asymptotes and such. All this biggering and smallering was hard to wrap my head around as well. But alas, I think I'm okay for the mean time. Yeah, this unit overall was pretty simple. Now then, good luck on the test on Wednesday? everyone!

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