Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finding the Identity of BOB!!!

Hi this is benofschool and this is my BOB. This unit seems to be the most difficult thus far. I can grasp most of the content but I just need to perfect my algebra to fully possess the skills needed to pass the Identities Unit. I believe I need just a tad more practice so I will finish all of the exercises that were relevant to the unit and also work on any questions from class that I previously haven't solved in my notes. I guess that should be enough. My biggest problem though would be my habit of overlooking things. I might miss a clever idea or step in proving identities. I will have to watch out for that. That is all for this unit's BOB and until next time good luck on the pretest and test and have a great spring break if I am not chosen as a scribe before the break!!! For practice I recommend this site: www.math40s.com. :)

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