Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5 2008: Workshop Class

Hi guy if you don't know me by now my name is Richard and i will be your scribe for today since Justus picked me when yesterday he said Francis was going to be scribe anyways..

Today's class started off a little different because when i walked in Mr K. was playing some Michael Bubble. And also today's was was a work shop class. For those people that don't know what a work shop class is, it is class where we are divided up into groups and are given question. it is sort of a race so the groups are competing against each other.

The First question on slide 2 and 3 was a bit confusing some groups got it to be an even function and some groups thought that the function was neither even or odd. The right answer was that function is really even which Kristina's group got right. Well you ask why is it even? it is even because the function f(x) = x - x^2 is equal to f(-x) = x - x^2.

The second question was quite simply. But Francis's group beat Benchmen's group to putting the answer on the smart board. if you are having trouble on this question Justus's scribe post will help you alot.

Today we also learned how to sketch the graphs of absolute value functions.

Well if you dont know the formal way of describing absolut values is
-if the x value is greater than or equal to zero then the x value is a positve and if the x value is less then zero the x value is negative.

Well anyways back to learning how to sketch the graphs of absolute value functions.
The first step is to sketch the graph of the value without the ablsolute value an example would be f(x) = x ------> f(x) = x
The next step would be to reflect the line that is below the x- axis over the x-axis.
Congratulations you now know how to sketch absolute value functions you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back.

The third question is some practice for you on how to sketch the graphs of absolute value functions. : f(x) = x^2-4 sort of looks like batman which is probably why Mr. K Said that this is one of his favorite function.

And finally the last question was a bit tricky well for me it was. We sort of ran out of time so Mr. K solved the question for us.

Well if you missed it homework for tonight is exercise 11 and don't forget to make a Delicious account it you forgot the link her it is you also have to find one link that you found helpful for your knowledge for the unit circular functions. The Scribe is going to be the first person on the scribe list which is The Scribe List ha ha . Francis

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