Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mar. 6, 2008

Hey, Francis here with yet another daily scribe posting! Today, we had it easy. There was a substitute teacher because Mr. Kuropatwa was doing another speech, that ever so smart teacher of ours (I bet he's blushing as he reads this).

Today our class was located in the library because painters overrun our classroom. We were told to relocate to room 14, but NO! Mr. May was in there teaching his class because his classroom was also overrun by painters! After all this confusion we decided to stay in the library.

First off, we were given a quiz on plotting functions. Such as transforming, stretching and flipping functions. The quiz wasn't incredibly long, and I found it quite simple (unless of course I failed it). After finishing the quiz we were told to work on exercise 12 for the rest of the morning period.

The afternoon period wasn't bad either. We were given a worksheet to finish in class as a review. It was about analyzing the functions and describing a given function's appearance. Today's homework will be exercise 12. Today's pre-cal experience was a simple one, and quite different due to the confusion of our class location at first. All in all, it was another great learning experience.

The next scribe for tomarrow, which is the 7th day of the 3rd month of the year 2008 for the 1st period which is 9:00am-10:04am will be JamieNeRd123C.


Anonymous said...

thank you, francis!! I owe you haha. I won the war.

zeph said...

LOL war.

By the way, i think you're missing your labels for your scribe post?


Anonymous said...

Your labels, please. =D