Friday, March 28, 2008

New Unit: Exponential Functions

Today was a new day, and today was a new unit. The unit was called exponential functions. Although we didn't do much on the new unit, we were introduced by trying to find 4 different ways to write the following numbers: 2, 3, 4/9, 1/4 with exponents. For an example Mr. Kuropatwa gave us two ways to write the number 2 in exponential form: 2^1 and (1/2)^-1.

While working on these questions we got all are previous tests and quizzes back. Everyone was pretty much down on their marks. Naturally, nice Mr. Kuropatwa discussed marks and how the number on your report card isn't very accurate because that was a number reflecting your knowledge at that point in time, and a given number of days or weeks later it would obviously be different, because in those number of days or weeks you most likely obtain a fuller understanding and a more complete idea on that one concept that you didn't do so well on at first.

Mr. Kuropatwa then talked about "How to be an Expert"

It consisted of people who would try a certain thing or try to grasp a concept and realize that they can't do it so they give up. These people were considered to be in the "suck threshold". Then there came the amateur who would figure out how to do something, but just do it the same way over and over, not really ever moving anywhere just staying at that one point. Experts are different then these people because after they figure out this certain concept, they continuously try to improve on it and get better and better. These people are the true experts.

Leading to the end of class, we were given a project that can either be completed solo, in a pair, or with 3 members in a group. It was an assignment on the creation of 4, 5, or 6 math questions depending on the number of people in each group. With a soloist creating 4 questions, a pair creating 5 questions and so on. That required you to explain how you created each problem, and how you solve it step by step. These questions should expand over 2 different units and these should be units that you have had trouble on, in order to expand your knowledge even further. This whole assignment is worth 20% and a due date of your choice, with a final due date of around mid June. Sample problems which reflect the questions to be made for the final projects have to be chosen by April 7, 2008. These can be COPIED from sources such as your excerise book. The picture with trigonometric concepts, such as reflection, waves, etc. is also due by this date. That is all we did in pre-calculus class on the last day of school before spring break. Everyone enjoy their holiday!



Anonymous said...

Talking about the DEV project...

"These can be COPIED from sources such as your excerise book."

When's that part of DEV due?

Darren Kuropatwa said...

DEV outlines are due April 11.